The Greek Island Series

Black Butterflies

Book 1 – Published September 2012

The second in the series, Black Butterflies is mostly set on a Greek island (can you guess which one ..?), and explores some serious themes, but in a lighthearted way.

Marina is a gentle soul who makes a modest living in her corner shop. Her husband died years ago, and her children have grown up. Life is pleasantly predictable, if a little dull.

But not even her daughters know that thirty five years ago Marina spent lonely months on a nearby island, and the events of that summer have haunted her ever since.

Now Marina’s daughter is planning to move to the same island and the past and present threaten to collide with dreadful consequences.

Black Butterflies follows Marina reluctantly revisiting the island. She has a plan, of sorts, to avert possible tragedy but in doing so she will come face to face with the consequences of her long kept secret. Will she be in time, and why does she never go anywhere without her big black bag?

Packed with a troupe of colourful characters that intertwine in a gripping story, Black Butterflies is by turn uproariously funny, touching or sad.

Exploring themes of bigotry and how doing what we think is for the best can unwittingly harm those we love, this is a gentle journey to one woman’s redemption.

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The Art of Becoming Homeless

Book 2 – Published September 2013

Michelle has always had a positive attitude to work and responsibility and has made all the ‘right’ choices. Why then does she feel she might have ended up in the wrong place?

Disenchanted with life as a high-flying lawyer in London, when her firm decides to send her to Athens to handle a case she jumps at the opportunity.

Before work begins on Monday Michelle decides to squeeze in a sun-filled weekend on an island but a chance encounter on the boat across and a tragic accident throw her plans into disarray and threaten to change the entire course of her life…

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The Unquiet Mind

Book 3 – Published October 2014

Yanni has lived all his life in semi isolation, on the ridge at the top of the island, with only his parents and their herd of goats for company.

But when the family’s donkey dies, the burden rests on him to make the journey over to the mainland to buy a new one…

Reluctantly, and fearing he will not be able to cope with the wider world, Yanni resolves to make the trip, and in doing so to face his own demons.

One hope spurs him on, and that is the chance of being reunited with Sophia, his childhood sweetheart who was sent away to the mainland at an early age, and whom he has not seen or heard from since.

Will Yanni be able to find Sophia, and will she even remember him?

Once again Sara Alexi spins a masterful yarn that delves deep into the heart of more characters from the Greek village, and exposes more of what it means to be human, and fallible…

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The Rush Cutter’s Legacy

Book 4 – Published October 2015

The Rush Cutter’s Legacy

Born and bred in a small agricultural village, Vasso spends her days in the yellow wooden kiosk at its heart, keeping the locals supplied with cigarettes, sweets, ice creams and more.

By now, Vasso knows the stories of most of her fellow villagers, and can often be found sharing them over a frappé with her friend Juliet. But Juliet has noticed that Vasso rarely talks about herself.

Why is Vasso so reluctant to share her own story? Why did she leave the village for Orino Island one summer, many years ago – and what was it that finally drove her back?
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Being Enough

Book 5 – Published March 2016

Being Enough

Rallou wakes up one day to find that her dreams have escaped her. The children are grown and gone, and her husband is no longer the man she married.

Their house is not their own, and Rallou has not achieved the things she thought she would with her life.

Has she really made the choices that have determined her life, or is it a case of ‘once a village girl always a village girl’? Either way, it is not enough…

As she ponders her position, a force of nature shatters all she has known and her husband goes missing. Is this the catalyst she needs to make some big decisions, or must she settle for a life that feels less than satisfactory?

Set against the backdrop of a sunny Greek island, ‘Being Enough’ is a simple tale that will resonate with anyone who has ever questioned whether there is more to life.
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The Housekeeper

Book 6 – Published April 2017

A tale of love and heartbreak, taking us back in time to the idyllic Greek island of Orino, where the secrets and ill-fated love of one young woman are relived in a bid to save another from the same mistakes.

As a young woman, Poppy travelled to Orino Island as housekeeper for a wealthy family. A romance burgeoned between Poppy and Pantelis, the owner’s son, but a tragic turn of events led him to cruelly abandoning her.

With no option but to stay on at the empty house as the housekeeper, Poppy was thrown into a predicament when Pantelis eventually returned with a pregnant new wife who, after giving birth, had no interest in the upbringing of her own children.

Left in her care, could Poppy bring herself to raise Pantelis’s children by another woman? And what became of the feelings Pantelis once had for Poppy?

Now nearing the end of her life, and recovering from an accident that has left her bed-ridden, some news about Pantelis means Poppy must come to terms with the course her life has taken, and in turn she must try to stop her good friend Juliet from making the same mistakes.

Unable to turn back the clocks, will there be time to save someone else’s future?

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An Island Too Small

Book 7 – Published June 2017

High up in the sun soaked hills of the Greek Island of Orino, An Island Too Small is a tale of suspense and emotion which unravels the complex webs woven over years by unfulfilled lovers and dishonest friends.

When Nefeli’s mother dies, much to her surprise, she discovers she is to inherit a cottage on Orino Island. Nefeli’s parents didn’t ever talk about life on the island, and it is only as Nefeli begins to acquaint herself with her new home that their reasons for secrecy start to become clear.

Set up in the town’s hill tops, many steps up from the port, Nefeli’s new neighbour Adonis and his cantankerous mother Koula live next door, sharing just two rooms between them. Adonis, yet to find his way in the world, is a handsome man who makes a living providing company for female tourists and then selling the gifts they buy for him. But it’s hardly a steady job and Adonis regularly lives hand to mouth.

Not one to be taken in by good looks, Nefeli finds there is a strong connection with Adonis which is more than skin deep, and it is a connection that neither of them can ignore. But their lives are already intertwined more than they realise and Koula has other ideas, going to great lengths to keep Nefeli and Adonis apart.

What secrets are being harboured by Koula, driving her to stop a burgeoning love? What will Nefeli and Adonis discover about their past, and will they be able to defy Koula’s meddling?

As tensions build and dark goings on are exposed, find out if love can prevail over deceit.

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