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Lemon Potatoes - Stella’s lemon sauce recipe is a closely guarded secret, but she recently gave me some tips about how she makes her amazing lemon roast potatoes… [...]
The Housekeeper - I’m delighted to announce the release of my latest novel, The Housekeeper! Find The Housekeeper on Amazon >> A tale of love and heartbreak, taking [...]
The Piano Raft - I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book is now available to pre-order on Amazon!! Pre-Order now and be the first to read it >> [...]
Seasonal Biscuits – Kourabiedes - Kourambiedes – traditional Christmas biscuits are YUM! Ingredients 300 g. butter milk 120 g. almonds wholegrain 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp vanilla extraxt 110 [...]
Woman Magazine - Woman Magazine interviewed me recently, and I’m posting the article they wrote below… As with the article earlier this year in Prima magazine, these are [...]
Olive Trees – Hard Graft? - Wandering out of the village for a break from writing the other day, I came across a farmer tending his olive trees. When he saw [...]
Therapeutic Colouring Book! - Come with me on a journey of colour through the Greek Village!! Whether it’s the earthy browns of summer, the vibrant greens of spring, or [...]
Prima Magazine - Prima Magazine interviewed me for their July issue!! You can read the whole article below… These are not my words, and the text is not [...]
Filipos’s Folitses - These chocolate Folitses (little nests in Greek) are much easier than they look! Have some fun and don’t get too worried. You will need: • A knitting needle [...]
A Self Effacing Man - I’m delighted to announce that the latest in the Greek Village Series is now available for pre-order on Amazon: Get it here! If it is [...]
Fillipos’s Honey Cake - So delicious. This is Fillipos from the bakery’s recipe for Honey Cake which you can buy at the bakery or have served with coffee over at Theo’s [...]
Independence! - A few years ago I lived in a rented apartment on March 25th street, in Nafplio. It’s a pretty strange name for a road, but [...]
Under The Covers with Sara Alexi - Dario Ciriello, writer and blogger, flattered me with an interview which he posted on his site today. We had such fun talking and his questions were [...]
Sara Alexi – Author - Firstly let me give you my email address and my Facebook connection. and Please don’t be shy to friend me. Twitter is, [...]
Being Enough - Rallou wakes up one day to find that her dreams have escaped her. The children are grown and gone, and her husband is no longer [...]
Marmalade!! - It’s orange season again, and the fruits are hanging heavy and ripe on the trees… Here’s a great recipe for marmalade! Ingredients 2 kilos oranges [...]
The Greek Village Jigsaw Puzzle!! - They’ve arrived I have three cartons of boxes of jigsaw puzzles in my living room, featuring a lovely hand-drawn map of the village. The puzzles [...]
Vasilopita - A delicious vasilopita recipe, infused with the aromas and blends of oranges and garnished with a thick and glossy vanilla scented sugar glaze or sprinkled [...]
Saving Septic Cyril - In a dim terraced house on a cobbled street in West Yorkshire, Cyril gives refuge to all the stray dogs, abandoned furniture and broken toys [...]
The Rush Cutter’s Legacy – Book 15 of the Greek Village Collection - Born and bred in a small agricultural village, Vasso spends her days in the yellow wooden kiosk at its heart, keeping the locals supplied with [...]
Instagram!! - I’ve recently discovered Instagram, and I love it!! Join me there for lots of pictures of Greece… Here’s a sneak preview of the kind [...]
Olive Oil Chocolate Cake - Here is a recipe for chocolate cake, using olive oil! The cake is super simple to make, and it’s also vegan, and I guarantee you’ll like [...]
Book 15 available for pre-order… - The Rush Cutter’s Legacy – Book 15 of the Greek Village Collection Born and bred in a small agricultural village, Vasso spends her days in [...]
A Song Amongst the Orange Trees Discounted for a Few Days… - A Song Amongst the Orange Trees is on offer in the UK / US at 99p / 99c from October 11 – 17 2015… Grab [...]
The Stolen Book – Book 14 of the Greek Village Collection - Hidden under dust, stacked and forgotten lay the book. Just a pamphlet really, only within its pages it promised to show a way to unlimited [...]
A Song Amongst the Orange Trees – Book 13 of the Greek Village Collection - Sakis wins the a major European song competition in Kharkiv, the Ukraine, but with a song that he considers cheap and musically poor. His win [...]
The Priest’s Well – Book 12 in the Greek Village Collection - Savvas, newly returned from America under questionable circumstances, is appointed priest in a tiny Greek farming village. The setting is far from the comfortable city [...]
The English Lesson – Book 11 in the Greek Village Collection - Toula receives an invitation to her granddaughter’s third birthday. To attend means a trip from her beloved Greece to England, where her daughter’s family have [...]
The Reluctant Baker – Book 10 of the Greek Village Collection - There is a lazy Mediterranean village full of colourful characters. There is sunshine and wine and a long sandy beach… There are nagging in-laws, jealous [...]
The Psychology of failure? - I have often pondered what this is, and always hoped it would never affect me. Well, I have a cold at the moment and I [...]
The Stolen Book – Book 14 of the Greek Village Collection - I’m delighted to announce that the 14th book in the Greek Village Collection is now available to pre-order… View on Amazon >> Hidden under dust, [...]
Rules of Tavli - Object: Move all of your checkers around the board to the last quarter and then take them off. The first player with all checkers off wins the [...]
A Song Amongst the Orange Trees – Book 13 of the Greek Village Collection - A Song Amongst the Orange Trees – A Novella.   Sakis wins the a major European song competition in Kharkiv, the Ukraine, but with a [...]
Λαδοβρεχτό / Ladovrekhto - Grilled bread or λαδοβρεχτό is the simplest way to enjoy a loaf of good bread. The bread needs to be not too crumbly nor too [...]
Greek Village Series Tote Bags - All profits from the sale of these Greek Village Series Tote Bags will go to Greek charities that are helping the people of Greece. I’m thrilled [...]
Fillipos’ Baklava! - Here’s an easy recipe for mouth-watering baklava! For the syrup: It’s best to make the syrup in advance as it needs to cool to room [...]
The Priest’s Well – Book 12 of the Greek Village Collection - The Priest’s Well – A Novella. Savvas has been assigned a position as the priest in a remote Greek village, following a scandal in the US. [...]
Dora’s Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) - INGREDIENTS – Makes 15-18 servings Pastry 1lb fylo pastry Some extra virgin olive oil Spinach Filling A couple of spoons extra virgin olive oil 2 lbs [...]
The English Lesson - Sara Alexi The English Lesson - I’m delighted to announce that my latest book was published recently. The English Lesson is a novella that explores one woman’s inner struggle for independence. [...]
Greek Easter biscuits (Koulourakia Paschalina) - Ingredients 150 g unsalted butter, chopped, at room temperature 165 g ( ¾ cup) caster sugar 2 eggs 2 egg yolks 60 ml (¼ cup) [...]
Going to Press! - I’m delighted to announce that a deal has just been agreed with a leading distributor of foreign press in Athens, to get the books, in English, [...]
Where Have You Been in Greece? - Continuing with the map theme, here’s an interactive map on which you can tell the world where you’ve visited in Greece, and what you liked [...]
Loukoumades - Ingredients flour 2 ½ cups sugar 1 teaspoon active dry yeast 1 ¼ tablespoon lukewarm water 1 ½ cups greek honey 1 teaspoon salt ½ [...]
Where are the Readers…? - Here’s a bit of fun!! The map on this page is interactive, and YOU can edit it! It’s purely optional of course, but you are [...]
Happy Valentine’s Day – SPOILER ALERT - SPOILER ALERT! This post is an epilogue to The Unquiet Mind.. If you haven’t read the book you may not want to read on. ________________________________________________________ [...]
The Greek Village Newsletter. - Exciting news!!! Now you don’t have to wait for the next book to visit the Greek Village! Catch up with new happenings, old friends and [...]
Καλό Μήνα! – Happy February… - Kalo Mina for Febuary 2015 – Good Month. And to start this month I am delighted to be able to offer you something rather special [...]
40 Carats - I came across a Wikipedia page recently listing films set in Greece, and thought it would be fun to watch them in order… So I [...]
Watching the Wind Blow - I’m delighted to announce that my latest novel is now available to pre-order on Amazon. The book will officially be released on Thursday December 4th, [...]
Summer’s Here!!! - Ok, so summer isn’t really here… Instead the nights are drawing in and it’s getting wet and windy outside. So I figure that means it’s [...]
The Illegal Gardener Goes Audio… - I’m delighted to announce that The Illegal Gardener is currently being recorded as an audio book. The narrator is Suzanne Heathcote who is an actor [...]
The Unquiet Mind – Book 8 of the Greek Village Collection - Yanni has lived all his life in semi isolation, on the ridge at the top of the island, with only his parents and their herd [...]
A Handful of pebbles – Book 7 in the Greek Village Collection - A Handful of Pebbles follows Sarah who travels to the village in Greece for the wedding of her youngest son. But Sarah’s own marriage is [...]
In The Shade of The Monkey Puzzle Tree – Book 6 in The Greek Village Collection. - Mid-life brings problems. For Theo it makes him wonder if there is more to the world than the small village where he has lived all [...]
The Explosive Nature of Friendship – Book 3 of The Greek Village Series. - The Explosive Nature of Friendship explores the tensions that exist between two lifelong friends. Mitsos, one of the friends, and now an old man, leads [...]
The Gypsy’s Dream – Book 4 of The Greek Village Collection. - Book Four in the Greek Village Series Cross with her father, Abby, 17, boards a flight to Greece, but gets hopelessly lost and ends up [...]
The Art of Becoming Homeless – Book 5 of The Greek Village Collection. - Michelle has always had a positive attitude to work and responsibility and has made all the ‘right’ choices. Why then does she feel she might [...]
The Greeks Have a Word For It – Sara Alexi - A Greek man and the English man are arguing whose language has the most words. The Greek man is adamant Greek has more words than [...]
Ombre Writing. (Or How To Dye Your Own 50 Shades of Grey.) – Sara Alexi - If you look on the side of a packet of hair dye you will see pictures of how light – or dark – you hair [...]
Who Would Have Thought? – Sara Alexi - Last July, 2012, I said to a “proper” writer ‘Hey I have had this idea for a book it goes like this…’ He replied ‘It [...]
No Point of an Orchestra Playing in Space. – Sara Alexi - Well for some time I have occupied the top three slots on in both Greece sections. As the summer draws closer I am glad [...]
Just a Load of (Compressed) Hot Air? – Sara Alexi - Watching the battle for e-readers between The Kindle, The Nook, IPad mini, Kobo and so on had convinced me that compact readers were a relatively [...]
Well, Well, Well, Just When You Have Seen It All! – Sara Alexi - I am lucky enough to have been to India. I bought the Lonely Planet guide and spent hours planning and reading but somehow I missed [...]
Time to Burn. – Sara Alexi - We often here about the division of wealth. In Western Europe 20% of the population owns 60% of the wealth. If you earn £20,000 a year, [...]
Worst Way To Lose Money ! – Sara Alexi - No doubt the  Pablo Escobar, Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist, owed his wealth to some brut force however one must also surmise that no one can [...]
Dangerous Assumptions – Sara Alexi - I am at the stage of writing a new book when the characters have taken hold of me but their story is not clear yet. [...]
Powerful Plots and Seductive Characters – Sara Alexi - The beginning of a book came from no-where, the character fully formed and trying to tell me something. So I wrote with the flow and was introduced [...]
Stellar Experience, You Can Discover a New Planet From your Own Home – Really! – Sara Alexi - Came across this site which promises hours of interest and an unbelievable sense of world wide community. Any body with curiosity can discover a planet, [...]
10 Lessons from Einstein – Sara Alexi - 10 Lessons from Einstein 1. Follow Your Curiosity “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” 2. Perseverance is Priceless “It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s [...]
Interrobang – Sara Alexi - I am not sure I should tell you what I immediately thought an interrobang was.  I could let you imagine; if I said “A very good looking [...]
Just Add a Good Book – Sara Alexi - Wet feet and cold hands. I could either hate the snow or run into it gather a handful and throw it at the nearest person. [...]
White Caps, Parrots and Mirrors. Sara Alexi - The seagulls soar outside the window of my writing room. The sea a flat gray with the occasional white caps. The leafless trees providing no shelter for [...]
The Illegal Gardener - Book One of the Greek Village Series The Illegal Gardener – Book 1 in The Greek Village Collection. - Book One of the Greek Village Collection. Driven by a need for some control in her life, Juliet sells up on impulse and buys a [...]
Black Butterflies – Book 2 in The Greek Village Collection. - Book Two in the Greek Village Collection Marina is a gentle soul who makes a modest living in her corner shop in the village. Her [...]
The Explosive Nature of Friendship. - Book Three in the Greek Village Series Mitsos, Manolis’s best friend, has spent the last twenty years almost reclusive in the village, trying to comes [...]