The Greek Village Series

The Illegal Gardener

Book 1 – Published July 2012

Sara Alexi’s debut novel, The Illegal Gardener was inspired by a meeting with an illegal immigrant in a Greek farming village.

An entrancing story of the burgeoning relationship that develops between two people from very different backgrounds and cultures, an English woman living in Greece and the Pakistani illegal immigrant who becomes her gardener and house boy.

Each comes with their own problems, their own past baggage, and she explores these with sympathy and understanding as well as the many nuances of the differences in cultures as they become more and more dependent on each other.

This is a book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading…

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The Explosive Nature of Friendship

Book 2 – Published December 2012

The Explosive Nature of Friendship explores the tensions that exist between two lifelong friends.

Mitsos, one of the friends, and now an old man, leads a solitary and ordered life, which is interrupted by the arrival of his young nephew, whom he reluctantly agrees to babysit.

To amuse the child, he recounts tales from his own youth, which are both romantic and tragic, while also being funny, and touching.

In the telling of these tales he is prompted to reassess the past and to come to terms with the events of a single day that has haunted him for twenty years, and all that led up to it.

A letter gives him a chance to rectify his biggest wrong and gain the peace he is seeking.

But is what he has sought for the last twenty years what he wants now? Is he the man he thought he was?

Set against a backdrop of a small Greek farming village, comedy and tragedy are present in equal measures.

Sara transports you to a land of sea and sun as she explores what it means to be human, and fallible. The book examines the nature of friendship, and how our choices and our perceptions of our place in society can define us.

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The Gypsy’s Dream

Book 3 – Published March 2013

Abby, 17, storms out of the house and boards a flight to Greece, but gets hopelessly lost and ends up in the wrong village.

Alone, with very little money, no Greek and no way to contact her friend Jackie, who has lined up a bar job for her, Abby finds she has to stand on her own two feet for the first time…

She meets Stella, who runs the local ouzeri – a rough and ready eatery were farmers gather to drink and take refuge from their domestic lives.

Stella does not need a naive young English girl hanging around, and the ouzeri is not the glamorous bar that Abby had bargained for.

But when events throw them together, the situation brings to the boil tensions that have been brewing for years, the ripples drawing in other people in the village, threatening Abby’s ability to ever leave, culminating in shocking unforeseen events and the uncovering of dark secrets that change peoples’ thinking about themselves and others permanently.

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In the Shade of the Monkey Puzzle Tree

Book 4 – Published December 2013

Set against the stunning backdrop of an idyllic Greek village, In the Shade of the Monkey Puzzle Tree follows Theo on a journey of self-realization that will test everything he holds dear…

Reviews …

‘The struggle of a Man to move out from the shadow of his father and make his mark in the world.’

‘This is the most satisfying book I have read in some time’

‘ The stories take you away from grey skies into a wonderful setting of sunshine, but most of all fabulous story telling.’

‘In The Shade Of The Monkey Puzzle Tree is a warm, rich read. I plan to seek out other novels in the The Greek Village Collection’

‘I devoured this book not wanting to put it down.’

‘I cannot recommend enough this new and lovely tale.’

‘A good portrayal of emotions and the sense of right and wrong. A really good read and the ending not as I expected.’

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A Handful of Pebbles

Book 5 – Published June 2014

A Handful of Pebbles follows Sarah who travels to the village in Greece for the wedding of her youngest son.

But Sarah’s own marriage is strained, and now that her children have grown up and left home she finds herself questioning her role of wife and mother.

Meeting up with her best friend Michelle, who is also over for the wedding, and whom she has not seen for years adds a further dimension, and why does Sarah feel so unsettled in the presence of Nicolaos, the shepherd who she seems to keep bumping into ..?

Praise for A Handful of Pebbles

– ‘This was an emotional book, of loss and regret and of the chance to change things and make a new start.’

– ‘This story is so rich in content that you really feel for the characters and go on a journey with them. I am starting my own collection of pebbles ! A must read for anyone, anytime or anyplace.’

– ‘This is Sara Alexi’s seventh book in the ‘Greek Village Collection’ and is as good if not better than the first one! (No need to read in order.) The story is about loss, regret and the belief that you can be whoever you want to be…’

– ‘Excellent writer , excellent book’

– ‘This is one of those books where you just don’t want it to end.’ – Micheal Finlayson (Amazon top 1000 reviewer.)

– ‘Her storytelling is so good it is easy to ignore the depth of her characterisation,’

– ‘After reading this I have to say the Greek Village Series just gets better and better.’

– ‘Was enthralled by the twists and turns; particularly at the end.’

– ‘The Characters, the descriptions and the whole atmosphere that Sara Alexi provides, a truly great storyteller.’

– ‘This book is one giving hope to many who think their life, as it is, is all there is. It made me very reflective of my own life and left me wondering…’

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Watching the Wind Blow

Book 6 – Published November 2014

This story is based on true events that happened to a family member of Sara Alexi in the year 2000.

Set in the Aegean sea, under the Mediterranean sun, Watching the Wind Blow is a tale of a girl and a man who are thrown together unwillingly in circumstances that are soon beyond anyone’s control.

The endless blue sky and calm clear waters are no more than a tease for Irini, as it soon becomes clear that her life is at risk.

Stumbling to keep herself safe she finds herself revisiting a time in her life that has left her scarred and scared. She has no idea how huge the cost, or the amount of love she needs to heal these wounds.

If you enjoyed ‘The Pact’ or ‘The Story Teller’ by Jodi Picoult, ‘Necessary Lies’ by Diane Chamberlain, ‘The Thread’ or ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop or ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ by Rachel Joyce or any of Irvin G. Yalom’s publications you’ll love this book…

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The Reluctant Baker

Book 7 – Published March 2015


The Reluctant Baker The Reluctant Baker – Book 10 in the Greek Village Collection.[/caption]


There is a lazy Mediterranean village full of colourful characters.

There is sunshine and wine and a long sandy beach…

There are nagging in-laws, jealous neighbours and a plot to bankrupt the new hotel before it has opened its doors, and some scenes that are just a little bit unexpected.

Set against this backdrop is an uplifting story of resilience in the face of adversity.

Please do not purchase this book if you want to keep your feet on the ground – this book is not for you.

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The English Lesson

Book 8 – Published April 2015

The English Lesson – A Novella.

Toula receives an invitation to her granddaughter’s third birthday.

To attend means a trip from her beloved Greece to England, where her daughter’s family have settled.

Her husband refuses to go and in his refusal it is implied that she cannot go either.

It has been a lifetime of this; a lifetime of being the woman behind the man, her voice heard less and less.

Now, in the final years of her life, perhaps it is time to take action, time to strike out alone, time to take advantage of whatever life offers her.

The truth is she can do whatever she wants to do, go to any extreme, if she is prepared to accept the consequences.

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The Priest’s Well

Book 9 – Published May 2015

The Priest’s Well – A Novella.

Savvas has been assigned a position as the priest in a remote Greek village, following a scandal in the US.

It’s what his mother would have wished for, but for a young ambitious clergyman it seems like a backward step.

He soon finds himself embroiled in petty village politics, and caught between the spiteful Maria, and the complex and alluring Nefeli…

When he finds his predecessor’s diaries the story takes a darker turn and Savvas begins to struggle to maintain his own sanity.

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A Song Amongst the Orange Trees

Book 10 – Published July 2015

A Song Amongst the Orange Trees – A Novella.

Sakis wins the a major European song competition in Kharkiv, the Ukraine, but with a song that he considers cheap and musically poor.
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The Stolen Book

Book 11 – Published August 2015

The Stolen Book

Hidden under dust, stacked and forgotten lay the book.

Just a pamphlet really, only within its pages it promised to show a way to unlimited wealth right out of the circumstances that surrounded her.

It wasn’t hers, she shouldn’t take it, but with two sons to educate and a poorly paid farmer as a husband it promised her just what she needed.

So, to start her journey, she became a thief.
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A Stranger in the Village

Book 12 – Published July 2016

A Stranger in the Village

There’s a mysterious stranger in the village…

Who is he, and what does he want?

At least two of the women in the village feel there is something familiar about him, but what is the connection?

Book 18 of the Greek Village Collection will transport you!
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A Self Effacing Man

Book 13 – Published October 2016

A Self Effacing Man

If it is in your nature to put others before yourself, what do you do when someone makes a play for the person you have secretly loved for years?

Maria is illiterate, and Cosmo, the village postman, is obliged to read the love letters he delivers to her. He stammers over the words and blushes at the feelings he cannot bring himself to voice.

However life is not always predictable and a sudden twist in events throws him in the role of village hero.

But will this change be enough to enable him to overcome his shyness and declare his feelings to the woman he has loved all his life, and will she even be interested after all these years?
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The Village Idiots Part 1 – Inheritance

Book 14 – Published August 2017

The Village Idiots Part 1 – Inheritance

The first of a series of three novellas, which follows the fortunes of our unlikely heroes Takis and Spiros, who normally scrape a living doing odd jobs around the village.

Spiros is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and Takis alternately looks out for him and bullies him.

When their friend Captain George dies unexpectedly, they are surprised to find that they are the heirs to his estate, which consists of one rather grotty looking sailing yacht, and they immediately assume that all their troubles are over, and that a life of ease is now theirs.

But it soon becomes clear that the boat is a large pit that will suck up all their money, and Takis decides to sink it for the insurance.

Then they discover that George hid his gold on board, and so Takis convinces Spiros to dive into the harbour in the middle of the night in a leaky old diving suit to search for it …

This is a riotous, lighthearted read, but it is also a tale of personal growth disguised as a farce about boats…
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The Village Idiots Part 2 – Fool’s Gold

Book 15 – Published September 2017

The Village Idiots Part 2 – Fool’s Gold

The Village Idiots ‘Fools Gold’ is the second book in a trilogy of novellas, continuing the comedic capers of two local villagers as they hunt for promised treasure on board their inherited, but now sunken yacht.

Deciding the aging yacht was a burden, Takis plots a way to get their hands on the insurance money. But only as the yacht lies on the sea bed do the pair discover that not only was the policy void, but Captain George had hidden gold on board.

However, seasoned pirates they are not, and the treasure they are looking for is hard to come by. Takis takes his scheming to new depths, and poor Spiros bears the brunt of all Takis’ eccentric plans.

But as we follow Spiros carrying out one bad instruction after another, we also start to glimpse the real man inside, the man Spiros didn’t even know existed. As he takes to the sea to dive in search of riches, he discovers other qualities about himself and about the world around him, and it is dawning on him that he may not be so useless after all.

When Spiros finally finds what he and Takis think they want, they are yet to discover that as always in Greece, things are never as they seem; and when it comes to inheritance, nothing is straightforward.

Hilarious, heart-warming and filled with the Mediterranean sunshine, will the path taken by Spiros and Takis fill their futures with gold?
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The Village Idiots Part 3 – Plain Sailing

Book 16 – Published October 2017

The Village Idiots Part 3 – Plain Sailing

The Village Idiots ‘Plain Sailing’ is the third and final book installment in this moving yet comical trilogy by Sara Alexi. As the story unfolds so too does a journey of self-discovery, as Spiros realises who his true friends are and where his real strengths lie.

Diaries belonging to the late Captain George found on board the wreckage proved to be worth their weight in gold, as the contents led not only to unravelling practical challenges, but also revealed that George was looking out for Spiros in ways he hadn’t noticed when George was alive.

And now Takis and Spiros finally have what they wanted from their surprise inheritance; some money! But it’s not long before the pair realise the cash is going to be used up in ways they’d rather not spend it.

As bills are piling up Spiros still counts his blessings as he finds himself with money in his pocket for the first time in his life, and uses what little he has to help his dear mother. But for Takis, the costs are a grievance too far, and his duplicitous ways continue to create strife and anxiety for Spiros. And so the tides begin to turn, as Spiros begins to see Takis for who he really is.

Will Spiros finally break free from Takis and his brutish ways? Will their humble inheritances ever bring the happiness they dreamed of? And will Spiros finally dare to dream beyond the only horizons he has ever known?
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