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A Self Effacing Man

3rd October 2016 alex 0

I’m delighted to announce that the latest in the Greek Village Series is now available for pre-order on Amazon: Get it here! If it is […]

Fillipos’s Honey Cake

11th April 2016 alex 7

So delicious. This is Fillipos from the bakery’s recipe for Honey Cake which you can buy at the bakery or have served with coffee over at Theo’s […]


25th March 2016 alex 4

A few years ago I lived in a rented apartment on March 25th street, in Nafplio. It’s a pretty strange name for a road, but […]

Sara Alexi – Author

14th March 2016 alex 42

Firstly let me give you my email address and my Facebook connection. and Please don’t be shy to friend me. Twitter is, […]


10th December 2015 alex 2

I’ve recently discovered Instagram, and I love it!! Join me there for lots of pictures of Greece… Here’s a sneak preview of the kind […]

Olive Oil Chocolate Cake

10th November 2015 alex 10

Here is a recipe for chocolate cake, using olive oil! The cake is super simple to make, and it’s also vegan, and I guarantee you’ll like […]

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