Greek Village Cooking

Write a cook book? Me?

It seemed a most extraordinary idea!

I am not someone who spends hours in the kitchen, I like things to be super quick and I like minimum of fuss.

But then I realised that perhaps this is exactly how I should plan the cookbook and exactly what most of the traditional Greek food is about, which exception perhaps of their sweets.

So I decided to put together my favourite easy cook recipes, with no flashy ingredients, no hours of preparation… In fact It takes me longer to go to the market and buy the ingredients than it does to prepare and cook, but as the market is only twice a weekly I tend to stock up.

The result is just good food cooked from fresh produce.

Greek Village Cooking is available on Amazon – Buy now >> 


Update – Some people have started making the dishes described in the book, and have been kind enough to send pictures, which I’m posting below…

An amazing looking spanakopita made by Anne Zouroudi!

Ladovrekto by Suzy Bowler (it’s a kind of Greek version of bruschetta)

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