The Girlfriend

I spend so much of my time writing, that often I neglect to read! Sometimes it can be weeks between books, and then I remember, ‘Oh yeah! Reading is such fun, and I haven’t read a good book for ages!’

So I thought I would make a point of reading more, and to help me stay on track I’ll post my thoughts here…

I started with The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances, which is described as ‘The most gripping psychological book of the year,’ and is currently at No 1 on I ‘m not surprised it’s doing so well!

I have to admit I was put off a bit by what felt like an information dump over the first chapter or two but it made sense why the author had chosen to do this as I read further, by which time I just could not put this book down!

It is compulsive, thrilling reading. The premise is simple, and one many of us can identify with: a girl and her boyfriend’s mother at odds with each other.

However this book delves deep into the characters’ minds, is well written and explores each point of view with twists and turns that kept me hooked to the end – which was a surprise in itself.

With no swearing, no sex and no gore, you get more than your money’s worth.

Lose yourself in this novel – it’s a roller coaster ride.’

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