Splitting the Series

You may have noticed that the Greek Village Series has recently been split.

I’d been thinking about doing this for a while – it seemed the right thing to do. The books set on Orino Island have a different feel to the others, and there were getting to be rather a lot of books!

Although I’m not planning to stop anytime soon…

The books are all standalone, so it doesn’t really matter which order you read them in anyway!

So now there are the following:

The Greek Village Series
The Greek Island Series
Everything else, including Saving Septic Cyril, which is the continuation of The Illegal Gardener, and is set in a Yorkshire Village.

I have plans to write a Yorkshire Village Series… Watch this space!

  1. I have absolutely fallen in love with your writing and your characters, and truly do hope you never stop writing. You bring my all too brief memories of being in Greece right back to me, and I hate to come to the end of your books! thank You!

  2. I love your books. Greece/Corfu is my special place and I get lost in your stories.
    I haven’t got them all yet but soon will have.
    Thankyou and keep on writing

  3. I have loved all of your books and as I live in Yorkshire I look forward to your new series; however please do not stop the Village series as they are pure, happy escapism for me because I love Greece, especially the islands.

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