1. Hi Sarah just saw this belated bit on here about the tortoise , a first….. Once going to a friends house in markopolo there was a dog whimpering in the middle of the road, all the cars were tooting and yelling rude words, the dog had obviously been hit by a car and just left and couldn’t move, my friend called a vet, but it was horrible, will never forget it .

      • Yes it was, did you ever see the zoo I. The park In Athens years ago? The animals were removed because of the bad state of them. So I can’t agree on thus one thing about Greece. I love Greece too Sara and buy mist of your books, gave several in England which I had to leave behind. I love the way you write.did you e etc read “learn Greek in 25 years”. By Brian Church, who use to write for the Athens news…… I,loved that book of his, it’s old now, but if you haven’t read it, do. He’s English and like me he loves the agreed people, but sees the funny and sometimes quaint side of them.

        Miranda x

        • I remember the ‘zoo’! I also remember “Learn Greek In 25 Years”. I think this was my chief reason I was sad that the Athens News closed. I loved his view of life and enjoyed his book very much.

          • Oh I’m so glad you read it Sara, I met him, not a bit like I imagined, never really said much, thought He’d ooze with personality but no….. Was disappointed as I so,loved his books, although Church on Sunday, wasn’t as good. I,ve just finished reading a handful of pebbles…… Another super story, hate it when your books end though, want them to go on and on.

            Keep,em coming.

            Your avid fan

            Miranda x

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