Greek Village Series Tote Bags

Canvas-Tote-Bags2All profits from the sale of these Greek Village Series Tote Bags will go to Greek charities that are helping the people of Greece.

I’m thrilled with the Greek Village Series tote bags!!

But I’m even more thrilled to offer all profits to Greek charities to help the people of Greece who find themselves struggling at this time.

These are individually screen printed by hand on unbleached cotton and are perfect for carrying your books (or towel, flip flops, sunglasses…) to the beach this summer! The bags are 38 x 42 cm / 15 x 16.5 in If you want a bag, please refer to the table below. Payment can be made to the following PayPal account:, and I’ll post out your bag on receipt of payment.   Costs:

Bag Postage Total
UK £5.00 £1.20 £6.20
USA $7.50 $5.35 $12.85
Europe €7.00 €3.80 €10.80

If you are outside of the UK / USA / Europe, please contact me by email:, subject “Tote”, and I will reply with the shipping cost.

      • Hi, Sara! I just forwarded the paypal payment ( and I put my name and address in the note portion. If it doesn’t work properly, let me know and I will send it again privately! 😉
        Thanks so much! I’m so excited!

  1. Sara,

    I want (NEED) a tote. How do u want me to pay? Do you have a Paypal account? Or what is your preference? I take my gat gadgets to work everyday. I’m tired of having to buy bigger purses just to squeeze them in. This would be perfect and I could go back to a reasonably size purse that I don’t need to switch every time I go out. Plus, I’m sure it will initiate conversations at work that I can help pursued new readers for you. Please let me know how you want me to pay for my tote. I can’t wait to get it.

    Sent from my iPad

    Lori Smoogen


    • Hi Lori,

      PayPal is great ( The total including postage to the US is $12.85… Postage to the US is expensive!!

      Thanks for your continued support,



  2. Hi Sara. I would like one of the bags please, but can it wait till we get home from Zante on July 6th to the UK.

  3. Hi Sara it is Jeannie, yes I would love a Greek Village bag, so will you keep me informed f how to pay please.Kind Regards Jeannie

  4. I’d love one, please, Sara! I’m a recent newcomer to The Greek Village Series and I’m loving them. This bag would be perfect to carry the books in, on my upcoming visit to Lefkada!


    • Great Pam, Please follow the instructions and transfer the appropriate payment according to where you are to the email address provided through paypal and one can be on it’s way to you.

  5. Hi Sara, I will be ordering 3 bags to the UK, 2 on behalf of my friend Wozzie Rose Mercer from Australia who will be coming to the UK later this year to collect her bags in person! Can I please just check, is the postage price to the UK per bag? No problem either way, just want to check before I pay?
    Many thanks

  6. Hi Sara. I ordered a bag on PayPal on Friday I think. Hope it went through OK.

    Just about to start “Oranges”. Is there another book about Loukas and Ellie’s life together to come?


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