No Point of an Orchestra Playing in Space. – Sara Alexi

Well for some time I have occupied the top three slots on in both Greece sections. As the summer draws closer I am glad to relinquish the number three slot to a guide book every now and again but The Greek Village series keep sliding back up there.
I am immensely proud of this achievement but can’t help thinking it wouldn’t have been achieved with my partners careful unscrambling of my dyslexic gaffs and my editors mass of knowledge. So a big thank you to them.
But the biggest thank you goes to you, the reader. Because there is not point an orchestra playing in space.

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  1. Do you mean to tell me that you do not have your own personal orchestra (wind ensemble, marching band, string quartet, piano, kazoo, etc.) following you everywhere you go when there are major / minor life (non) occurrences?

    The problem with being a musician is that music is around me all the time, but I can never remember it well enough to write down my own background music (unless it’s borrowed from some movie I’ve seen).

    And, yes, when I read, I hear background music for the action in the novel…

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